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Transition to SA8000:2014®

During the last 2 years the SA8000 standard underwent a substantial review and the new version SA8000:2014®, which integrates ISO 17021-1:2015 as well as the Social Fingerprint into the SA8000 Certification process, was launched.

This new standard is applicable for organizations that are currently certified to SA8000:2008 as well as organizations seeking initial certification to SA8000:2014®

In order to transition to SA8000:2014® we would like to inform you about the changes from the old to the new standard and the process on how the transition to SA8000:2014® will be taking place:

  1. Organizations shall identify and implement all changes necessary to your existing SA8000-related policies and procedures in order to meet the requirements of SA8000:2014® and the integration of the Social Fingerprint into the audit process. Wherever possible, your organization SHALL implement those parts of SA8000:2014® without delay.
  2. Also, shall conduct a gap analysis to understand the areas in your system that need to be revised. ALGI shall have access to this gap analysis for review during the transition audit.
  3. ALGI shall assess their clients’ implementation of SA8000:2014® during an on-site transition audit, which may be completed during normally scheduled certification, recertification and surveillance activities.

Please note that as of June 30, 2017, ALL SA8000 certified organizations SHALL have transitioned to SA8000:2014® and any existing SA8000:2008 certificates SHALL be invalid.

For further information about new SA8000:2014® Standard requirements, SAAS Normative documents and related Guidance and Reference Documents please consult the SAI website at following link: www.sa-intl.org