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ALGI becomes accredited auditor for ETHIC Intelligence certification

ETHIC Intelligence is a leading certification agency specializing in anti-corruption compliance programs. Since 2006, they provide third-party assurance of the effectiveness of company anti-corruption compliance management systems, processes and procedures.

ALGI, as a third-party auditing firm specialized in evaluating corporate social responsibility practices within global supply chains, is deeply committed to providing its client with the most integral tools to maintain an ethical management system.  Thus, ALGI is now an inspection company accredited to carry out audits towards ETHIC Intelligence certification and validation.

ALGI trusts in the ETHIC Intelligence’s comprehensive scheme, sound knowledge of anti-corruption legislation as well as their understanding of day-to-day business realities to help companies strengthen and promote their anti-corruption compliance programs through certification.

ALGI is a pioneer in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and has over 20 years’ experience in helping companies develop sustainable ethical cultures through audits and technical support. ALGI’s extensive experience conducting social and environmental assessments spans various industries, including logistics, oil & gas, life sciences, finance and energy.

ETHIC Intelligence shares ALGI’s desire to help companies improve their ethics & compliance programs as well as ALGI’s belief that companies benefit from developing sustainable ethical cultures.

ALGI is reputed for the quality of its services and ETHIC Intelligence empowers a vast anti-corruption theoretical and practical knowledge, through this alliance ALGI is ready to offer the best client-oriented service in anti-corruption protection.