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ALGI Becomes Part of the Social & Labor Convergence Project

According to ALGI’s guidelines and values, the improvement of working conditions through collaborative action must be at the core of the auditing and social compliance business process in the global apparel and footwear supply chain.

Due to a proliferation of different standards, codes and protocols, and in turn to a proliferation of audits, ALGI decided to become one of the 160+ signatories to the project that seeks to develop a simple, unified and effective industry-wide assessment framework to uplift data and assess objectively social and labor conditions to replace current proprietary tools.

Among the data to be verified and analyzed is child and forced labor, occupational health and safety, and wages. The project does not focus on establishing minimum requirements, it would not be a scoring/grading/ranking system, it would not certify facilities, and definitively would not be considered a new Code of Conduct, IT platform or database. The goal of collecting the information is to release the burden of existing duplicate information, reduce the excess of audits, and provide additional resources for the improvement of social and labor conditions.

We are constantly working towards the creation and support of networks that allow us sharing and broadening the knowledge we and others have regarding working conditions. As a signatory organization of the SLCP we agree to participate in a two-year timeline where all stakeholders involved share a vision and work towards the same goal: build a data collection tool, the first prototype of which was pilot in 43 facilities in 2017, and a verification methodology for converged assessment, the results of which have been used in the second prototype, currently being tested in 175+ facilities in 23 countries.

This is preparing us for the challenges to come in 2018 and beyond, continuously working towards the improvements of the SLCP assessment results. Designing an operational plan to adopt the assessment by project stakeholders and share these assessment results amongst business partners, making us develop individual adoption plans of the assessment framework to replace proprietary tools.

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