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Capacity Building

ALGI has amassed a unique body of knowledge with regard to working conditions in factories throughout the world

 In order to promote our mission of safe, fair and legal working conditions,  ALGI has developed a series of highly effective training seminars on key topics, introducing best practices for controlling labor issues in the supply chain.

The courses, which can be divided into two main groups, Corporate Training and Supplier Training, will help companies, factory managers, workers, investors and the public in general, to respond more effectively to the challenges inherent to global trade.

 ALGI trainings emphasize the following points:

Alignment of Corporate Codes of Conduct with business practices
Strategies for promoting supplier compliance
Management systems strengthening for corporate compliance

Training can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual audiences.




Designed for manufacturing companies’ in-house staff, this course prepares the staff to perform internal audits at high standards, aiming at a cycle of continual improvement for the company. The main topics covered are:

Management Systems
Gathering information from documentation
Writing and following-up corrective action plans

If desired, the course can be expanded to cover conducting worker interviews and structuring compliance programs.


The curriculum and openness of the process help suppliers obtain a working understanding of current compliance issues and encourages them to identify elements in their systems that can be improved to promote sustainable practices.


Available as an introductory or an in-depth course, training for factory managers explains the rationale behind social compliance auditing, clarifies client expectations and provides specific methods for developing and implementing management systems in order to achieve and maintain compliance. The main topics covered are:

Domestic Labor Law requirements
International ratification
Code of Conduct
Management systems development
Required documentation
Human rights/harassment and abuse
Child labor regulations
Health and safety standards


Training can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual audiences and can be modified to focus on problem areas, such as document management, worker age verification, payroll systems, harassment and abuse or grievance procedures.


Course directed to production workers. Topics include:

Rights and responsibilities
Code awareness
Communication skills