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ETHIC Intelligence, the world’s leading anti-corruption agency offers a Certification that transforms compliance costs into rewarding investments. Companies choose to have their anti-corruption compliance programs, policies and systems certified because:

  • It increases visibility of anti-corruption commitment
  • Fosters employee support for anti-corruption compliance programs
  • Promotes a clear and identifiable standard for anti-corruption compliance, provides assurance of the quality of an anti-corruption program and a benchmark against other companies’ programs
  • Provides a standard target for anti-corruption policies, gives evidence to prosecutors of a company’s compliance efforts,
  • Offers visible proof to shareholders and rating agencies of the quality and sustainability of turnover.

Furthermore, throughout the ALGI-ETHIC Intelligence partnership, ALGI is accredited to assess the company’s management system, programs or policies ensuring that a comprehensive risk assessment and due diligence support all anti-corruption procedures.

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