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A (5-day) SA8000® Basic Auditor Training

ALGI North Africa is glad to announce that its hosting the 5 days SA8000® Basic Auditor Training. This event will be held in Amman, Jordan from the 19th – 23rd of February 2017, presented by Social Accountability International (Accredited SA8000 course provider).

The course includes:

Module 1: The 3 days Basic Social Auditing Course

This Module will teach students how to apply methods and techniques to plan and conduct a Social Responsibility audit.

  • Core concepts and background on social compliance in the supply chain;
  • Practical knowledge of social auditing and performance;
  • Review of common compliance problems and possible solutions;
  • Application of methods and techniques to gather, evaluate & triangulate satisfactory objective evidence during an audit to determine the conformance of a system;
  • Ability to generate accurate, appropriate and comprehensive audit findings and conclusions.

Module 2: The 2 days Introduction to SA8000 Course

This Module will teach students the principles of SA8000 and how to use tools, including Social Fingerprint, to plan and conduct an SA8000 audit.

  • Understanding the elements of the SA8000 Standard;
  • Effective auditing techniques related to each SA8000 social compliance element;
  • A review of the SA8000 documents and tools, including in-depth review of Social Fingerprint;
  • Practical knowledge of the Management Systems Approach;
  • Application of methods and techniques to conduct, and generate findings, on an SA8000 audit.

So, in order to obtain the SA8000 Completion Certificate, participants must take both Modules 1 and 2.

For registration, please enroll online through the SAI online platform:


or contact our office in Cairo

Ahmed A. Azeem
Regional Manager
Villa 9030, Israa St. Al Mearaj Al Sofly, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
T. +20(2)25172449