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Quality Assurance

ALGI maintains a management system to define, control and measure its requirements for the delivery of assessment services

qualityassurance-06To verify that the management system, including document control, is implemented and effective, ALGI conducts periodic head office audit of all elements of its management system at least once per year to determine the continuing suitability of the management system and its effectiveness in meeting the requirements of its Service Policy and external requirements. Subsidiary offices are also subject to periodic internal audits against relevant requirements. Where performance levels indicate that ALGI management system requirements are not being met consistently, additional audits are scheduled. Additionally, external auditors conduct assessments of our procedures and system.


We have successfuly undergone the GSCP equivalence process


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All documents (whether hard-copy or electronic) comprising the ALGI management system are subject to formal control and distribution. Documents may not be issued, withdrawn, or amended without the approval of the appropriate authority.

ALGI staff is subject to internal shadow audits at least annually. Auditors shall be appropriately trained and follow the requirements of ALGI’s internal audit procedure and guidance provided in ALGI’s internal Management Systems.

Regarding the quality control of the assessment reports, all reports are checked by the Quality Assurance Division upon completion of each assessment, they are thoroughly reviewed for any possible errors, omissions, etc and in conjunction with the auditing team they are corrected prior submission to the client.

The Quality Assurance Division is also in constant communication with management personnel to report possible systemic problems or training updates needed for immediate evaluation and corrective action.