About Us

Who We Are

ALGI’s work, as a responsible third party auditing firm, is dedicated to evaluating production sites against social compliance benchmarks and facilitating communication, to bring buyers, producers, workers and consumers closer together.

ALGI, founded in 1994, is dedicated to providing its customers with the most accurate information regarding social compliance on the supply chain. We sponsor sustainability through the promotion of ethical social practices. Our best contribution is to empower our stakeholders to improve working conditions, by deeply understanding sustainability and implementing responsible management systems.

Headquartered in the United States, ALGI conducts social responsibility assessments worldwide, provides risk management tools and encourages continual improvement.



  • milestone_ENG_1994ALGI Incorporates offering corporate social responsibility and ethics audits

  • milestone_ENG_1998ALGI Joins FLA

    Fair Labor Association Code of Conduct defines labor standards that aim to achieve decent and humane working conditions.

  • milestone_ENG_2000ALGI is accredited by WRAP

    WRAP promotes humane and ethical manufacturing throughout the world.

  • SA8000_Acred_MarkALGI is accredited by SAI

    SA 8000 certification addresses critical issues in the workplace such as forced and child labor, occupational health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours, compensation, and management systems.

  • milestone_ENG_2003ALGI opens Shanghai office

  • milestone_ENG_2004ALGI opens Shenzhen office

  • milestone_ENG_2005ALGI joins BSCI

    BSCI offers a common platform for the various European companies Codes of conducts and monitoring systems.

  • milestone_ENG_2006ALGI opens India Office

  • milestone_ENG_2007ALGI opens Thailand and Latin America

  • milestone_ENG_2008ALGI joins SEDEX

    SEDEX is a secure online platform for managing ethical supply chain data.

  • milestone_ENG_2012ALGI joins Bangladesh and Pakistan

  • milestone_ENG_2013ALGI joins Turkey and Egypt

  • milestone_ENG_2014ALGI accredited by Ethic Intelligence

    Certifying excellence in anti-corruption compliance.

  • milestone_ENG_2015ALGI opens Europe office

Our Commitment

23 years ago we saw the opportunity to improve companies’ productivity through a strategic social approach. We have committed ourselves to promoting social compliance and sustainability and that has been our focus until now.

Our Vision is to be a catalyst for creating a sustainable ethical culture that is accountable in modern world practices.

Our Mission is to provide supply chain management solutions to our global clients, thereby measurably enhancing their ability to build value, manage risk and strengthen sustainability within their organizations. ALGI performs social audits, offers social compliance certifications, and provides tools for continual improvement.

Conflict of interest is defined as any relationship that is, or appears to be, not in the best interest of the organization. A conflict of interest would prejudice an individual’s ability to perform his or her duties and responsibilities objectively.

Any complaint or appeal regarding ALGI certification process please contact us through the Complaints format.

ALGI Quality and Service Statement

At ALGI we are committed to performing social accountability assessment and certification services in an independent, objective and professional manner, providing unsurpassed confidence in ALGI certification to clients and interested parties. We shall inspire confidence in our service delivery through impartiality, competence, responsibility, openness, confidentiality, and responsiveness to complaints. 

We are committed to the highest standards of quality and personal integrity in the services we perform and support these commitments by developing, implementing, maintaining, complying with and improving our management systems to meet and exceed the expectations of the clients, the customers of the organisations whose management systems are certified, governmental authorities, non-governmental organisations, and consumers and other members of the public and accreditation bodies.

We are committed to safeguard and protect impartiality in all our offered services, we understand the importance of impartiality carrying out CSR auditing and certifications services.

 We realize that the value of certification is the degree of public confidence and trust that is established by an impartial and competent assessment by a third-party.

Our Values

From ALGI, you can expect operational excellence and transparency in all of our processes. We subscribe to the social responsibility values of our clients and we promote them throughout the supply chain.

Our Management System is designed to be the vivid proof of our business’ philosophy. We safeguard all our processes against corruption and mediocrity.

Our strategies include advanced auditor trainings and assessments and continual internal audits of all elements of ALGI’s management system. With this we determine the continuing suitability of the processes and its effectiveness in meeting the requirements of our Service Policy and external requirements.

ALGI assessment staff is subject to periodic internal shadow audits. Auditors shall be appropriately trained and follow the requirements of ALGI’s internal audit procedure and guidance provided in ALGI’s Management Systems.

Regarding quality control, all reports are reviewed by the Quality Assurance Division upon completion of each assessment. They are thoroughly checked for any possible errors, omissions, etc. If necessary, in conjunction with the auditing team, correction may be made prior submission to the client.

In order to ensure independent and impartial audits and reports, the services provided by ALGI are overseen by an Impartiality Committee. This Committee consists of an ALGI management representative and regional expertise from the private sector as well as NGO’s, to ensure that services are provided in a professional, consistent and relevant manner for our clients and the broader stakeholder community.