Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you conduct audits in China?

India, Bangladesh, etc.? We have regional offices located in China (Shenzhen and Shanghai), Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Turkey, Egypt, USA, Costa Rica and Peru, enabling us to provide rapid and cost-effective services. From these offices we have a broader reach and can conduct audits in some of the surrounding countries.

2. Does the price include report writing?

Yes, the cost does include report writing.

3. Does the price include uploading report to BSCI/SEDEX platform?

There is no additional cost for upload to the BSCI/SEDEX platform.

4. How much is the cost of an audit?

Audit fees are based on manday requirements (which vary from scheme to scheme. Client is also responsible for the cost of travel and lodging which are charged at cost.

5. How many days in advance do we have to request the audit?

Ideally at least a month in advance but we will try and accommodate rush audits.

6. How soon after the audit is finished will we receive the results?

You can expect to receive the audit report based on the requirement of the scheme or client that has requested this. Normally it is approximately 10 business days after the audit is conducted.

7. Can you do product quality control audits?

We do not conduct quality control audits. We are specialized in social audits.

8. How do you ensure audit integrity?

ALGI has policies and procedures in place to guarantee audit integrity. All Auditors are required to sign secrecy, confidentiality, impartiality agreement and a held to the ALGI Code of Conduct. You can read more about our Intergrity Program on our website.

9. What is your quality control procedure?

All audits conducted by ALGI undergo a quality control process. 100% of audits reports are reviewed for correct content, language, and format. Supporting documents are also reviewed for accuracy during quality control.